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Welcome to Bokrosh Studio!
Since 1985 we have been creating original sculptures out of Optical Glass, the finest glass ever made. We also specialize inon all kinds of glass art. Be our guest and explore the marvelous world of transformation and transparency embodied in the beautiful medium of optical glass sculpture.
"a poet is someone
who can pour light into a spoon
then raise it
to nourish
your beautiful parched holy mouth"
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Expert art glass repair, crystal art repair, art restoration, glass art studio loacted in Seattle WA with services worldwide.

Michael Bokrosh produces beautiful original designs of his own glass sculptures. As a dedicated glass artist of 37 years, his original work is both compelling and exciting. His glass art sculpture will definitely add beauty to your home and Michael would like to invite you to work together with him to help design and then create a glass sculpture that will both enhance the interior of your home and augment your glass art sculpture collection . To see examples of Michael's work, go to: https://bokrosh.com/gallery.php

Your favorite glass pieces can be repaired skillfully and returned to its orginial beauty. Michael Bokrosh provides artistry and experience to make glass restoration of your broken glass sculpture look brand-new.

Take a look at the samples of our glass repairs on our website. You'll find that Bokrosh Studio can repair art glass sculpture, even when the sculpture is in pieces. Michael makes art glass restoration a work of art.

Michael is an expert in glass art repair work for: Waterford Crystal, Steuben Crystal, Venetian Murano Glass, Lalique Glass, Orrefors/Kosta Boda Crystal, Hoya Crystal, Antique Crystal Glass, Antique Pressed Glassware, Murano Glass and Architectural Glass sinks and countertops.

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