Crystal Art Repair Expert

Contemporary art glass Boro frog sculpture broken

Crystal repair can often be a balance between removing the damage and maintaining the original integrity of the glass sculpture. For this reason, during the entire restoration process, our artists keep in touch with you to make sure that your crystal is repaired to your expectations.

Contemporary art glass Boro frog sculpture repaired by Michael Bokrosh

Crystal repair is an excellent restorative to bring back the natural beauty and enchantment of your fine crystal art. Crystal repair is not a simple process, and it is easy to do it wrong.

The artists at Bokrosh Studio have studied fine crystal repair and restoration for 00 years and have become masters of the art. A crack or broken piece of crystal will certainly be lower in its appearance and monetary value, but it doesn’t have to if you repair the crystal.

Many people put their broken crystal glass in a box in the back of their closet, and then leave it there for years. Having Bokrosh Studio successfully repair your damaged and broken crystal will allow you to once again appreciate your glass as you had originally experienced it.

At Bokrosh Studio, we specialize in crystal repair as well as glass sculpture repair.

Bokrosh Studio always recommends that the collector contact the original artist, if possible, prior to crystal repair.

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