Bringing New Life to Murano Glass with Restoration and Repair

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Murano art glass figure balancing broken

Do you have a love for art glass? If you’ve been collecting art glass for very long, you’ve probably looked at or purchased some Murano glass. Murano glass, famous glass created on the island of Murano (just off the shore of Venice, Italy) is highly collectable and comes in an amazing selection of styles and art techniques. You can find Murano solid glass sculpture, vases, jewelry, and more. Unfortunately, some of these fine art glass pieces also receive dings, chips, or as is often the case; they will actually come off of their bases. Don’t let that discourage you – with Murano glass repair services your glass sculpture will look good again and with Murano glass restoration services your artistic investment will in the same condition it was when you bought it.

Murano art glass figure balancing repaired by Michael Bokrosh

Murano glass is highly coveted and easily recognizable. It’s believed that Murano glass was produced from the Ninth century to the present. Murano glass is made using various glass blowing techniques. Once the glass is in the molten phase, it is shaped using a combination of glass blow pipes and hand tools. It’s certainly amazing to realize the complexity of the artwork. Glass art restoration of Murano glass sculptures can and often does incorporate many of these same techniques; so you can once again enjoy your glass art work in its original beauty.

Over the centuries Murano glass makers have been constantly changing their techniques and their artwork. Many of the techniques developed over the years include: enameled glass, crystalline glass, glass with thread of gold (called aventurine) and multicolored class (referred to as millefiori), and many more. When these restoration techniques are incorporated into Murano glass sculptures, you truly have a remarkable piece.

Many of these beautiful pieces become damaged over time – this damage may be undetectable with Murano glass restoration. Often the adhesives used in Murano glass sculptures will separate over time. At Bokrosh studio we use modern high-tech adhesives to restore your Murano art glass sculpture to its original state.

Murano glass became especially popular during the 1960’s and 70’s. In part, global tourism made Murano glass more accessible and available as highly collectible mementos of trips abroad. Today, many of these wonderful glass art pieces are in circulation in galleries, shops, and occasionally second-hand stores. If you are looking for the rare glass art find, there’s nothing more exciting than searching for that hidden treasure. Sometimes the hunt is just as exciting as finding the perfect piece. However don’t let a found flaw discourage you from purchasing that find. Glass repair of Murano can return a flawed piece back into the cornerstone of your collection.

That’s where a glass sculplture studio such as Bokrosh Studio can help you restore new life to these pieces. Michael Bokrosh brings his years of glass artistry and advanced training to make seamless Murano glass repair. After his careful restoration work you will not be able to spot the repair. Take a look at some of the examples of our glass repair of Murano that is found on our site. You’ll see the skill, artistry, and respect for the original piece that inspires our work. To see our examples, visit our online gallery.

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