Bokrosh Original Crystal Baseball Bat

Presented by Houston Astros to Record-Setting Craig Biggio

optical glass baseball bat by Michael Bokrosh presented to Craig Biggio by the Houston Astros

SEATTLE, WA August 12, 2007 – This Sunday, the Houston Astros honor their veteran second baseman, Craig Biggio, by presenting him with an eight pound solid Crystal Baseball Bat™ created by Bokrosh Studios in Seattle, Washington. The Bat was created to commemorate Biggio’s surpassing the 3,000 career hit mark on June 28, 2007. The Crystal Baseball Bat is an exact glass replica of Craig Biggio’s own wooden baseball bat, made by the internationally recognized Seattle glass artist Michael Bokrosh.

Bokrosh, a lifelong fan of baseball, combines his artistic expression with innovative techniques to craft the Crystal Baseball Bat from optical crystal glass, which is the finest glass known and made in the USA.

“I first envisioned the Crystal Baseball Bat in 1999 after seeing hand-blown glass variations by local Seattle glassblowers,” explained Bokrosh. “While their glass mastery was evident, I instinctively knew that a more brilliant result could be attained.” The solution for Bokrosh came about by employing the exquisite quality of optical glass, something which cannot be achieved with a glassblower’s hot technique: “I knew I would have to actually grind down the surface of the glass to the desired shape and size then, polish the surface to perfect clarity.”

Because of the inherent fragility and delicacy of working with optical glass, extreme caution must be used throughout the whole process. Over two months of painstaking accuracy goes into making each Crystal Baseball Bat, and there is virtually no room for error throughout the 16 separate stages. Once a Crystal Baseball Bat is completed the properties of optical glass are delightfully exhibited within its beautifully transparent nature.

Craig Biggio with his Crystal Baseball Bat optical glass sculpture and glass artist Michael Bokrosh

In creating this award for Craig Biggio, Bokrosh shares his appreciation of the alchemy in the sport and art worlds: “Given the steady contributions this ‘hero of the diamond’ has achieved both on and off the field, Mr. Biggio is the ideal recipient of this glass award. Professional athletes, like good artists, combine their natural gifts with hard work to allow their creative talents to shine through.”

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